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Fresh Hungarian mushroom

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Mush­room com­post

Champignon compost and exotic mushroom substrates

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Canned mush­room

Selected quality without preservatives

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Mush­room spawn

Mushroom spawn of own types and exotic varieties

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Fresh mushroom


Champignons, bio champignons and exotic mushrooms

Mushroom compost


Quality raw materials, wide product range

Canned mushroom


Made of own grown mushrooms without preservatives

Mushroom spawn


Reliable own hybrids

Korona Mushroom Union

Tradition and quality since 1990

Via the collaboration of family-run businesses, in keeping with its tradition, maintaining its commitment as well as involving the latest technology the Korona Mushroom Union has by now evolved into one of the most important members in the mushroom industry of Central Europe.

Stability and controlled quality

All procedures from the production of raw materials, through the cultivation of mushroom to our canned products are subject to thorough quality control.

Decades of experience

Capitalizing on a pool of well skilled employees and several decades of experience we strive to do our very best so as to become the best.

Modern technologies, own truck fleet

State-of-the-art technology guarantees fast and high-quality service in the fields of compost production, mushroom growing, processing industry and logistics.

Wide product range; production of own-brand products

Through an outstandingly wide range of products and own-brand products you are kindly offered to place your special orders.

Why choose us?

We produce fresh, Hungarian mushroom on one of the largest growing facility of Central Europe using own compost, while utilizing cutting-edge technology combined with experience gained through decades.

We are unique in Hungary insomuch that our processes encompass the complete mushroom cultivating sector: from producing mushroom propagation materials through producing mushroom compost and performing high-standard cultivation to processing in the canning industry.

Expertise and reliability; constant and excellent quality. This is what we offer throughout the whole year via the products of our specialized production facilities where several decades’ experience has been combined with the latest, state-of-the art technology and the demand for producing high-quality products.

The laboratory of the mushroom spawn plant is built upon a microbiological, mycological and experimental fermentation background. It provides room for plenty of research relating to the mushroom industry and is currently the only existing laboratory which is engaged in involving edible, growable and mycorrhizal mushrooms in the cultivation process. The gene bank of the laboratory supplies cultivation strains and hybrids for the production of mushroom propagation materials and thereby provides the groundwork for a successful mushroom cultivation process in Hungary.

The proximity of mushroom growing facilities guarantees the maximum freshness of mushroom to be processed. Once they are carefully selected, our products are cooked with a gentle technology and conserved with heat treatment.

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Our results in numbers


tons of mushroom compost are produced every week

45 K

m2 growing surface


pieces of prime mover and transport vehicles


years’ experience

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