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by which you, the visitor to our webpage and user of our services, are provided with information about data management and data protection rules.

1. What principles do we abide by in the course of data management?

Our Company pursues the following principles relating to data management:

  • we handle personal data in a lawful and fair manner; in a way that is transparent for you.
  • we collect personal data for specific, clear and lawful purposes and shall not handle them in a way not compatible with such purposes.
  • personal data collected and managed by us are deemed to be appropriate and relevant considering the objectives of data management, and are limited to the necessary extent only.
  • our company takes all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy and – if required – the up-to-date nature of data managed by us; inaccurate personal data are either deleted or corrected immediately.
  • we store personal data in a form that you may only be identified for the time required to achieve the objectives of personal data management.
  • by applying proper technical and organizational measures we assure the proper security of personal data against unauthorized or illegal handling, accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Our Company manages your personal data

  • a. based on your voluntary consent following your prior information; only to the extent necessary; furthermore, in each case we manage – that is collect, record, organize and use personal data – in a way that conforms to the objective.
  • b. in certain cases the management of your personal data is based on legal provisions and is mandatory; we shall call your attention to this fact accordingly.
  • c. in some cases our Company or a third party is legitimately interested in managing your personal data, e.g. for the operation, development or security of our webpage.

2. Who are we?

Full name: Magyar Gomba Kertész Kft.
Seat of the Company: 3395 Demjén, lot number 0173/7/A/1
Site of the Company: 3395 Demjén, lot number 0173/7/A/1 
Website of our Company:
Mailing address: 3395 Demjén, lot number 0173/7/A/1
Telephone number: +36 36 550 500
E-mail address:
Tax number: 14953925-2-10
Company registration number: 10-09-030054

Contact details of our Company’s data protection officer (E-mail address):

Name, address and contact details of the Company’s host: Tá Kft., Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 12-14., 1097

Our Company uses the following data processors in order to provide high-level service to our customers:

IT service
hosting service
database maintenance and processing, report making

Should we modify the scope of our data processors, we shall provide you with the updates in the present information file.

Data that we manage:

Name of activity and purpose of data management Legal basis Data managed Duration Registration number
Visiting the webpage
The purpose is to ensure the proper and quality operation of the webpage,
to control and improve the quality of our services, to identify any malicious visitors
with the intent to attack our webpage;
to measure the number of visitors; statistical purposes
Our Company’s legitimate interest IP address
Date of visit
Data of subpages visited,
Type of the operating system and browser used by you
3 months
Administration, complaints
Response to remarks, complaints
Legal liability Full name
E-mail address
Telephone number
Mailing address
Other personal message
Up to 5 years

Should you have any further questions regarding data management, please contact us at the e-mail address and we shall send you our answer without delay, within 8 days (within 1 month at most) to the address provided by you.

Cookies are small data files (hereinafter: cookies) which get into your computer via a webpage, when that webpage is being used, in a way that they are saved and stored by your internet browser. The majority of the most frequently used internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accept and permit the downloading and usage of cookies by default; however, it depends on you whether you refuse or block cookies by modifying the browser settings; moreover, you may as well delete cookies which have been stored on your computer already. For more details regarding the use of cookies please refer to the ’Help’ menu item of the relevant browser.

There are cookies that do not require your prior consent. You get brief information about such cookies on the webpage at the time you first visit that page. Such cookies include authentication, multimedia player, load-levelling cookies, session cookies which support the customization of the user platform, and user-centered security cookies.

You will be informed by our Company about cookies requiring consent when you first visit the page provided that data management already commences upon visiting the webpage and we shall request your consent.

Our Company does not apply and allow cookies which would enable third parties to collect data without your approval.

It is not obligatory to accept cookies; nevertheless, our Company does not assume any liability for the improper operation of our webpage due to the lack of your consent to using cookies.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Type Name Consent Description Purpose Validity
system cookies not required session cookie of the fire wall belonging to the web application in order to prevent the misuse of cross references to ensure the operation of the webpage end of the browsing session
tracking cookie required for customization To record your settings so as to improve the efficiency of our service until the end of the session
tracking cookie
(by a third party)
not required for the identification of new sessions and visitors, saved by GoogleAnalytics web tracking service Related to services provided by third parties (e.g. Google) upon visiting the webpage until the end of the session

Further details about cookies applied by third parties can be found at, and you can read more about data protection at

4. What else is to be known about data management relating to our webpage?

You make your personal data available to us voluntarily through your registration and by keeping contact with our Company; therefore, you are requested to make sure and be especially careful that data you disclose are authentic, accurate and correct, since you are responsible for such data. Incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete data may hamper the use of our services.

In the event you do not provide your own but another person’s personal data, we assume that you are in possession of the requisite authorization to do so.

You may withdraw your consent to data management at any time, free of charge by

  • deleting your registration,
  • withdrawing your consent to data management, or
  • by withdrawing your consent to the management or use of any data which is required to be filled during registration or by requesting its blocking.

We undertake to register the withdrawal of your consent with an 8-day deadline for technical reasons; however, please be informed that we may manage certain data in order to fulfill our legal obligations or enforce our legitimate interests even after your consent is withdrawn.

In the event personal data is used in a misleading way, criminal offence is committed by any of our visitors or our Company system is attacked by a visitor of ours, we shall cancel the registration of such visitor immediately and delete his/her data at the same time. In addition, if necessary, we shall preserve the data of such visitor for the period when the civil law liability is determined or the criminal law proceedings are completed.

5. Other issues relating to data management

We can only forward your data in compliance with the statutes and regarding our data processors we ensure via the application of contractual terms that your personal data should not be used by them without your consent. For details, see section 2.

Our Company does not forward data to other countries.

The court, prosecutor’s office and other authorities (e.g. the police, tax administration, Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information) may contact our Company with the request to provide information, disclose data or ensure access to documents. In such cases we must fulfill our data provision obligation but only to the extent inevitably necessary to meet the objective of such request.

Any contributing parties and employees engaged in the management and/or processing of our Company’s data have the right to become familiar with your personal data to an extent determined in advance and bound by the obligation of confidentiality.

We protect your personal data with appropriate technical and other measures; assure the security, availability of data; protect those from unauthorized access, change, damage, disclosure or any other unauthorized use.

In the frames of organizational measures we check physical access in our buildings, provide our employees with training on a continuous basis and paper-based documents are locked away with proper protection. The scope of technical measures applied by our Company includes encryption, password protection and the use of antivirus software. Please note; however, that data transmission via the internet cannot be considered a completely safe way of data transmission. Our Company makes every effort to make these processes as safe as possible; nevertheless, we cannot assume full liability for data transmission via our webpage; however, concerning data received by our Company we adhere to strict regulations in order to ensure the security of your data and to prevent any unauthorized access to them.

In regard to security issues you are kindly requested to help us by preserving your login password to our webpage carefully and by not sharing this password with anyone else.

6. What are your rights and what legal remedies are available to you?

You may

  • request the provision of information relating to data management,
  • request the correction, modification, supplementation of data managed by our Company,
  • protest against data management and may request the deletion and blocking of your data (except for mandatory data management),
  • seek legal remedy in court,
  • lodge a complaint or initiate a proceeding with the supervising authority (

Supervising authority: Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

  • Seat: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.
  • Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.
  • Telephone: +36 (1) 391-1400
  • Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410
  • E-mail:
  • Webpage:

Upon your request we provide information about your data managed or processed by us or a data processor assigned by our Company, and also about

  • the source of such data,
  • the goal and legal basis of data management,
  • the term of data management or if it is not possible, the aspects of determining the term thereof,
  • the name, address of our data processors and their activities related to data management,
  • the circumstances and effects of data protection incidents, as well as measures taken by our Company to avoid such incidents; moreover,
  • the legal basis and addressee of data transmission in the event your personal data are forwarded.

We provide information to you within the shortest possible time, i.e. within 8 days (but not later than 1 month) reckoned from the submission of your request. Information is supplied free of charge except if you have already lodged a request for the same range of data in the year under review. The fee you were charged and have already paid will be reimbursed if we managed your data illegally or the request for information has resulted in correction. We may only refuse to provide information in the cases specified by the law. At the same time we shall refer to the applicable legal provision and provide information about the possibility of seeking legal remedy at court or contacting the relevant authority.

Our Company informs you and all parties about the correction, blocking, marking and deletion of personal data to whom it has previously forwarded your data for data management purposes except when the lack of notification does not violate your legitimate interests.

If we do not fulfill your request for correction, blocking or deletion you will be informed by our Company about the reason for rejection in writing or – if you approve it – electronically within 8 days from receiving the request (but not later than within 1 month). You shall also be given information about the possibility of seeking legal remedy at court or contacting the relevant authority.

In the event you object to the management of your personal data, we will investigate your objection as soon as possible, within 8 days (but within 1 month at most) from the submission of your request and shall inform you about our decision in writing. If we decide that your objection is justified, we shall stop managing your data including any further data recording and transmission, and we will inform of your objection and the measures taken accordingly all those parties to whom your personal data affected by the objection were forwarded earlier and who will be obliged to take actions in order to enforce the right of objection.

Our Company refuses to fulfill your request in the event we prove that the management of data is justified by binding and legitimate reasons which enjoy priority over your interests, rights and freedoms or which are related to the submission, enforcement or protection of legal claims. If you do not agree with our decision or we miss the deadline, you may initiate legal action at court within 30 days reckoned from your notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline.

The judgement of lawsuits relating to data management is within the scope of the tribunal’s competence and the lawsuit can be initiated – according to the affected parties’ choice – before the tribunal as per either the domicile or place of residence of the affected party. Foreign citizens may also lodge their complaint with the competent supervising authority according to their domicile.

We request that prior to contacting the supervising authority or court with your complaint please, contact our Company so that we can negotiate and find the quickest possible solution to the problem which has emerged.

7. What are the most important legal regulations governing our activity?

  • Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (GDPR) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data
  • Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information
  • Act No. V of 2013 on the Civil Code
  • Act No. CVIII of 2001 on some issues of electronic commercial services and services related to information society
  • Act No. C of 2003 on electronic communication
  • Act No. CLV of 1997 on customer protection
  • Act No. CLXV of 2013 on making complaints and reporting issues of public interest
  • Act No. XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and some restrictions on business advertising activities

8. Amendment of the information material relating to data management

Our Company reserves the right to amend the present information material of which we inform the affected parties in an appropriate way. Information concerning data management will be published on webpage

6 June, 2018