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Korona Mush­room Union

The Korona Mushroom Union was established via the collaboration of family-run businesses while maintaining traditions and commitment, and utilizing the latest technology. By now it has evolved into one of the most important members in the mushroom industry of Central Europe.

The Union encompasses the complete mushroom cultivating sector: from producing mushroom spawn through producing mushroom compost and performing high-standard growing to processing in the canning industry.

Cooperating mainly with national suppliers and hundreds of colleagues we strive to supply the Hungarian as well as numerous international markets with our fresh products of the highest quality every day.

In addition to increasing profitability on a continuous basis our company’s primary aim is to introduce research and development, as well as innovative technologies relating to this specific field while also ensuring high-level customer service.


Korona Mushroom Cultivation Union

Korona Mushroom Union

Tradition and quality since 1990

Via the collaboration of family-run businesses, in keeping with its tradition, maintaining its commitment as well as involving the latest technology the Korona Mushroom Union has by now evolved into one of the most important members in the mushroom industry of Central Europe.

Stability and controlled quality

All procedures from the production of raw materials, through the cultivation of mushroom to our canned products are subject to thorough quality control.

Decades of experience

Capitalizing on a pool of well skilled employees and several decades of experience we strive to do our very best so as to become the best.

Modern technologies, own truck fleet

State-of-the-art technology guarantees fast and high-quality service in the fields of compost production, mushroom growing, processing industry and logistics.

Wide product range; production of own-brand products

Through an outstandingly wide range of products and own-brand products you are kindly offered to place your special orders.



The Phase II. champignon compost production plant, the first above-ground mushroom cultivating houses and the canning plant were constructed in Demjén.


A modern, sterile mushroom spawn plant and laboratory were established; this was the first plant to produce mushroom spawn on an industrial scale in Hungary.


The first Phase III. mushroom compost plant of the region was built.


Additional 60 pieces of Dutch type automated mushroom cultivation houses were opened and formed the largest growing facility in the country


the production hall and mixing line ensuring the closed technology of the compost plant were constructed; the computer-controlled ammonia washer - bio filter assembly – which represents the best technology currently available – was established in order to achieve a considerable smell effect reduction.

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